TLPC Releases White Paper for EFF Reevaluating Sharing Obligations for the Modern U.S. Wireline Broadband Market

(by Elliott Browning, Colorado Law 2L)

The TLPC is happy to release a white paper, prepared on behalf of and in collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, reevaluating the viability of sharing obligations in light of lackluster competition and deployment in the modern wireline broadband market. With an eye towards remedying this stagnation and encouraging the widespread deployment of fiber-to-the-home, the paper discusses the history and development of competition in last-mile connectivity.

Specifically, the paper evaluates the current market for high-speed wireline broadband in the U.S. with a specific focus on the deficiency in fiber deployment; reviews the development of competition in the local exchange from the invention of the telephone to the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; and reconsiders the FCC’s 2005 decision to not extend sharing obligations to wireline BIAS providers in light of the modern market.

The paper will provide historical support for a broader series of policy papers by EFF aimed at improving competitive conditions in the wireline broadband market with the ultimate goal of connecting more Americans to a reliable, high-speed broadband network.

First Amendment and Satellite Remote Sensing

(by Galen Marston Pospisil, Colorado Law 3L) 

Private companies like SpaceX have dramatically changed the market for space launch services, bringing prices down and flexibility up. New satellite operators, both commercial and non-commercial have begun to take advantage of lower costs to orbit. From multi-ton telecommunications satellites to cubesats weighing only a few pounds, growth in non-governmental satellite missions has exploded. However, satellite operators must deal with a maze of regulatory oversight dating back to the earliest days of spaceflight. 

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