Last Week in Tech Policy #61: Fort Collins Colorado and the Municipal Broadband Experiment

(by Brett Hildebrand, Colorado Law 3L)

One of the most high-profile recent developments in municipal broadband is happening in Fort Collins, CO, a college town just an hour north of Boulder. The city has voted to become its own internet service provider, overcoming a large campaign by one incumbent ISP. The proposal started as ballot initiative 2B, which passed in November 2017, and then was approved unanimously by the city council in January 2018. The city is currently accepting bids to build out the network and infrastructure necessary to get the service up and running. The approach is outlined in the city’s recently approved the Broadband Strategic Plan.

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Last Week in Tech Policy: #60 Skating Around Copyright

(By Sophia Galleher, Colorado Law 2L)

First, think figure skating. Then, watch this—at minute 2:45 Jimmy Ma brings it, unzipping his jacket and giving a tongue wag à la Michael Jordan as his music breaks into a hip hop-electronic dance mix of “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Surprised? Welcome to figure skating in 2018, where Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” are remnants of the past.

Ma’s routine epitomizes the impact of a 2014 rule change where the International Skating Union, in an attempt to inject life into a sport with waning popularity, agreed to allow skaters to use music backed by vocals in their routines. And the move has proven to be a success: within hours of his performance, Ma, an otherwise unremarkable figure skater—an 11th place finish at the U.S. National Championships in an Olympic year is hardly newsworthy—became an internet sensation, lighting up the Twitter feeds of both skaters and non-skaters alike. Ma’s routine is not alone. In 2017 a French pair team’s bone-chilling performance set to Disturbed’s rendition of “The Sound of Silence” went viral, generating over 30 million views.

But while the figure skating world is abuzz with excitement over the sport’s future, the 2014 rule change has simultaneously ushered in a host of copyright questions.

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